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All you need to know before registering for the AMC

Thinking about sending a representative to the IGLYO AMC Podgorica 2023? Amazing! Please just read through the Registration Guide below at least once before registering to make sure that you are aware about all the practicalities about the AMC and registration process. You can also read and download this Registration Guide here.

What is the IGLYO Annual Members' Conference?

The IGLYO Annual Members' Conference (AMC) is an important moment for Member Organisations of IGLYO to network, take part in workshops, learn about IGLYO's current structure and activities, and cast their vote on statutory issues. In other words, it is a unique chance as a Member to have a say and contribute to setting the direction of IGLYO for the future. It is also an amazing opportunity for us to meet all together in person and connect as a united international network.

This year's AMC will take place in Podgorica, Montenegro, on 19-23 October 2023, in collaboration with IGLYO Member Queer Montenegro.

Why should my organisation attend?

As an IGLYO Member Organisation, it is a duty to take part in the General Assembly and cast your vote on statutory issues. We therefore kindly ask each Member Organisation to have one official representative to participate in the AMC.

Who from my organisation should attend?

The capacity is limited to one representative per Member Organisation. To decide which person from your organisation should participate, we warmly encourage you to go over our Attendance Priority Checklist. Everyone should indeed have the opportunity to attend IGLYO's AMCs, just like all identities should be equitably represented in the discussions.

What if no one from my organisation can attend?

If no one from your organisation can attend the AMC in person, it is still important for you, as a Member, to cast your vote for us to be able to reach the quorum required by our Statutes. Therefore, if no one from your organisation can attend in person, we kindly ask you to fill out this Proxy Form to either give your proxy vote to another attending Member Organisation if you already know one, or to ask us to pair you with an attending Member Organisation if you don't have one in mind.

What's on the AMC Agenda?

We will provide the full agenda soon, but you can already find the draft Agenda here. Please note that some sessions and the schedule are still subject to change.

  • 19 October 2023: Arrival day
  • 20-22 October 2023: Core programme, including keynote speeches, networking sessions, member-led workshops, the General Assembly, and Board Elections. In addition, we will propose an optional social programme in the evenings, and will join the Montenegro Pride on Saturday 21 October 2023.
  • 23 October 2023: Departure day

In case you would like to propose a change to the Agenda, you can do so through this form before September 14 2023 at 23:59 CEST.

Can I hold a workshop at the AMC?

Member-led workshops are a flagship element of the AMC programme, and a great way for Members to learn more about each other's work. For this reason, we're happy to invite you to hold a workshop at the AMC! 

The workshops should last a maximum of 1h30 and would be held in person in one of the three "Community Workshops" slots of the Agenda on Friday 20 or Saturday 21 October 2023. The workshops can revolve around any topic that is relevant for LGBTQI young people. [Applications to hold a workshop closed on 20 August 2023.]

Do I need to be part of a Member Organisation to participate?

Only representatives of IGLYO Member Organisations (see full list here​​) can register for IGLYO's Annual Members' Conferences. If you are not representing an IGLYO Member Organisation, your organisation will have to become an IGLYO Member before you can register for the AMC. You can find more information about our membership and how to become a member on this page​​.

How much does it cost and what does IGLYO cover?

The fee to participate in the AMC is €50 per participant and IGLYO will cover all expenses related to your participation (travel, accommodation, food). 

IGLYO will be booking and providing accommodation for everyone who registers for and attends the event. However, you are expected to book and pay for your representative's travel to the event and we will reimburse your travel costs up to €300 after the conference as long as you comply with our reimbursement policy requirements. Please carefully read our full Travel Reimbursement Policy here.

Please be aware that there aren't always direct flights to Podgorica, and the prices are rising rapidly, so try to book your travel as soon as possible.

If you are currently facing difficulties due to the financial conditions in your country, please get in touch with our Admin Officer Maruschka at

Can I be refunded or transfer my ticket if I cannot attend anymore?

The conference fee is fully refundable up until 4 October 2023 (2 weeks prior to the event), after which it is no longer refundable. Your conference fee can be transferred to another person who will attend from the same Member Organisation up until 10 October 2023. 

To ask for a refund, or to transfer your conference fee to a different attendee, please email our Admin Officer Maruschka at

How to register and pay?

Please follow these steps to complete your registration:

  1. Fill out the registration form by Sunday 10 September at 23:59 CEST (extended deadline).
  2. In order to receive updates about the AMC, you need to put yourself as the "Billed Contact" on the "Contact Details" page. You can then choose to use your personal billing information or that of your organisation in the "Billing Information" section.
  3. During the registration, you will be asked to set up a password for your Glue Up account if you do not have one already. Your Glue Up account will allow you to access your registration status easily and interact with other participants if you wish to. 
  4. Once you register, we will review your registration to make sure that you represent a Member Organisation and that no one else from your organisation is already registered.
  5. Once we approve your registration, you will receive an email with instructions on how to pay. You will have the possibility to pay online via credit card or PayPal, or by bank transfer. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, you need to settle the registration fee within 15 days after the registration.
  6. Once the fee is paid, you will be registered for the event and you will receive your email confirmation!

Before registering, please make sure that your organisation has agreed for you to be their only representative, and that you ran through our Attendance Priority Checklist to decide which representative should attend. 

Please remember that the AMC is only open to IGLYO Member Organisations, and that only one representative per Member Organisation can attend.

Questions and contact

If you have any questions about the AMC, please get in touch with our Engagement Officer Petra at, or our Admin Officer Maruschka at