IGLYO – The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) Youth & Student Organisation is the largest LGBTQI youth and student network in the world, with over 100 members in 40+ countries.

With members in nearly every European country, we connect organisations and builds international solidarity.

Whether your organisation is a grassroots group of volunteers or you are part of a national NGO, if you work with or for LGBTQI youth, you are welcome to join us!

What we offer?

International networking

By joining our network you will benefit from an extensive number of opportunities to meet, share good practices, discuss common challenges, and identify partnership opportunities with like minded organisations and activists. We specifically aim to provide young people with occasions to widen their perspective, connect with other activists, and foster a sense of international solidarity.

Capacity Building & Training

Our team of trainers has extensive experience in creating and delivering training courses, designed specifically to support our members' work. They range from practical skills such as financial management, campaigning, and facilitation, to more specialised topics including intersex awareness and norm-critical approaches. Members are always prioritised for these opportunities and participation costs (travel, accommodation and meals) are fully funded for most courses.

Online Learning

We also provide an ever-growing menu of online learning courses and opportunities. With a dedicated online learning platform, members can complete courses at their own pace and receive feedback from our trainers. Throughout the year we also deliver a series of webinars to allow our members to learn about new topics, discuss ideas, and connect with other organisations.


We aim to ensure that the views and experiences of LGBTQI youth are well represented in European and international events and meetings. We have developed strong links with many European and international institutions to advocate for LGBTQI and youth rights. We also aim to provide opportunities for our members to engage directly with decision-makers.